Instagram Roundup

This week in Instagrams... with quite a bit of kitty love...

  • I finally broke out my new(ish) wedges from Target, which was quite exciting.
  • Went to a Bicycling for Louisville event with Alex on our tandem.
  • My girlfriends and I do clothing swaps from time to time. We hadn't done one in a while and I guess we had all spring cleaned our closets, so there was a "mega clothes trade" this week. I scored a sweater that reminds Alex of Where's Waldo, and the cute polka dot shirt pictured up there. The grey and white kitty is named peter and belongs to my lovely friend Rachel who hosted the swap. Peter is quite the gentleman.
  • I noticed some sidewalk art randomly placed around campus. I was feeling a bit lousy, but this made me smile.
I hope you had a wonderful week! This coming week will be full of studying for my final on Thursday! EEK!

Much Love,

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