Instagram Roundup

Finals! Birthday! Bachelorette Party! A week of celebration in Instagrams...

  • I had finals this past week. As grueling as it was, I am proud to say I'm an A student this semester! Woo Hoo! I say it is due to my "Katniss ring" that I wore for good luck. ;)
  • Alex bought a new bag for his bike. It's quite lovely and looks pretty fancy on the back of the tandem.
  • We enjoyed a lovely Sunday of riding the bike around downtown getting lunch and drinks while celebrating a friend's birthday.
  • I headed up to a casino near Cincinnati with 15 lady friends (some old, some new) to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of our dear friend Katelyn! It was so much fun spending some time with all the ladies in a new place. It was also an adventure trying to squeeze 3 girls in a bed, just to save a few bucks. We even tried to push 2 beds together to make "superbed" for all 5 of us but a word to the wise, the beds are bolted to the wall in hotels. Whoops!

I'm looking forward to my first week of Summer vacation, and lots of fun projects and celebrations headed my way!

Much Love,

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