Loving Lately : Anatomical Art

I'm in the final stretch of my painful Anatomy class. Woo Hoo! These days everything I see, hear or even smell (okay, not really smell) reminds me of something from class that I really need to know for my upcoming final. I'm sure my anatomical terms and silly bits of body chemistry in everyday conversation is driving Alex a little nuts. Woops!

Looking through my Anatomy book I can't help but notice how wonderfully beautiful the human body is... and luckily so do these Etsy crafters...

SecretFind's shop, found here

This Blew my mind! Look at that detail! Found here via AnatomicalQuilling

Gotta love inner ear earrings, so fun! Inner Earrings via mdavisstudios

There are a ton of anatomical beauties on Etsy, I love it! There may or may not be a project in my near future involving this.

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