Buddy Foster

Late last night we had the difficult task of saying goodbye to a dear friend, Buddy. He was a wonderful little beagle that Alex's family shared countless memories with for 13 years. He was sneaky, and mischievous, but was always down for a good snuggle session. And boy, did he love bread. I mean loved bread. Like, keep you up all night because he just knows somewhere in the house there is bread he could be eating. I was fortunate enough to live with Buddy for a couple of years before he moved to Virginia beach with my wonderful "mother-in-law" Betsy. Betsy is probably the best dog owner you will ever meet. She probably spends half of her pay checks on toys and beds and treats for her dogs, and gets up way before the sun to take them for numerous walks throughout the day. These next few months with be especially hard for her, and my thoughts are with her through this painful time.

Goodnight, sweet boy. I hope you know how much joy and laughter you brought to those in your life. You will be greatly missed. We love you Buddy.

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