New York Fashion Week Nail Trends

Hoorah! What a wonderful Spring Preview with Fashion week! I didn't have a chance to follow along as closely as I would like to (you know, with real life and all that), but I have gotten a chance to catch up on a few things. I know it may seem weird, but I am a nail polish fiend. a little bit of color on my hands can totally change my mood. Whenever I go to grab something and there's a pop of red, it's fun. Or, if it's black I feel just a little bit badass... yes I aim to look badass sometimes, like I'm 17. Anyway, here are some of the colors I'm loving, that are easy to achieve at home on a budget (the mint color is a staple in my polish wardrobe).

I will be back soon with some of the "it" colors for this fall. I am excited about those. Which colors are you looking forward to donning next Spring?

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