A year (?!?) in Instagrams


Wow... it's been almost a year since I visited this space. And oh, how I've missed it so...

In my last post I mentioned some major transitions in my life. Well, Alex and I decided to part ways. After nine years, it was decided that we wanted different things. It took a long time to come to grips with this reality, and because this blog heavily involved our life together, it was difficult to revisit. For now I will be a bit stingy about what I share regarding my personal life, but I am so excited to get back to having an excuse to keep up with creative things!

So now, for the "update"...

One: I am still living in the best city ever (Louisville, KY) with my "little prince" Motown.

Two: My best friend of nearly 15 years (Natalie) got married this past May. It was such an honor being a bridesmaid for her special day. I still remember when she met her husband, Dan, when we were in high school. I can't think of a more perfect couple than those two. Squee!

Three: I attended my first Kentucky Oaks and Derby! I now feel like a true Louisvillian! I've officially overpaid for a silly hat (not pictured), and stood in the rain at the venue, where people across the world watched what was happening just outside the window. I also learned just how nice my boss is (the fella in the suspenders). Not every male boss is willing to run around Churchill Downs looking for tampons for his female friends (and way overpaying for them). Yes Scott, you are going down in history for best boss ever.

Four: I turned 26.... wait... 26, right? I can't keep track. Anyway, I baked myself some red velvet cupcakes (I love baking for my birthday. Buying a cake is for suckers). I also had the best birthday party ever. I went to The Taproom on Bardstown Road to get signatures for our Forecastle Beer Tent volunteers and *also, kinda* have a birthday party. I was so blown away by how many people showed up just to celebrate me. I've never felt so loved, it was awesome. Part two: I worked our Forecastle Beer Tent all day, all three days.... Holy crap, I'm tired just thinking about it. It was a fundraiser for the theater, so I was happy to do it... but MAN was it exhausting. The photo above was taken before the gates opened on day 3. At that point I was running on "wait, I'm still alive?!" endorphins. It was a ton of fun, and we raised a lot of money, so I can't complain at all. *Special shout out to the Heine Bros Airstream for being there for us that weekend.

Five: Work. Work. Work. I upgraded from the intern at The Alley Theater, and am now the Managing Director. Yeah, I'm kinda the boss... besides my boss (you know, "suspenders fella").  There have been several sappy Facebook posts about my job... I'm not joking... I love my job. Also, I was recently officially accepted into Bellarmine University to continue my degree in Arts Administration : Theater Emphasis. I am so excited to get back into class in January!

Six: it's official.... I've started "acting"... Not really... Well, kinda... Ugh... I avoided it (besides acting class) until recently. My acting teacher Martin (who got me involved in The Alley) wanted me to be in Kafka's Metamorphosis, so I agreed. Oh my God, I'm miserable. It's okay though, I only have one line at the end, and it's taped. You should still go see it *wink wink*... I'm also in a short film/commercial for a Zombie 5K fun run. I will share it as soon as it's ready, but wow the shoot was fun! I didn't have any lines (Thanks Kenn!) and it was pretty fun to feel like a film actress for a second.

So in conclusion, it's been an up and down kind of year. But, man, have I had fun. I have learned so much, in a job I lucked into (that happens to be what I'm going to school for). I have made so many amazing friends. I have grown as an individual. I felt incredibly out of place, and just as quickly realized that that's exactly where I belong.

Follow your heart, you may be surprised what you find there.
xoxo Natalie

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