Instagram Roundup

Instagrams from this past week...


  • I had to buy a baby cow brain for Anatomy class... I have to admit, I'm not too excited about dissecting it this week...
  • Got some serious spring cleaning done! It feels so nice having a clean house for the first time in what feels like months.
  • Got a little gussied up for my brother and sister-in-law's baby gender reveal party. Wore my late aunt's old diamond ring. I like to wear it for special occasions.
  • Had the time to paint my nails for the first time in just about forever. I picked a nice bright coral shade from Sally Hanson.
  • Got a tag made for our new pup! Not sure King is going to be his permanent name, it's just what they think his name was. I'll have a separate post about our new little guy.
  • Wore red to cheer on the UofL cardinals yesterday! University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky in the final four? Yes, it was completely ridiculous here in KY yesterday. It was a shame to loose to UK 61-69. Oh, and this is the first basketball game I have ever cared about. Ever. So there's that.
  • A beautiful pink flowering tree in the neighbor's yard, and a peek at my landlords gorgeous 130 year old house.
  • Smokestacks while driving through Indiana to Owensboro to pick up King. Yuck!
  • And of course, our new little guy.

I will be sharing more about Mr. King and more soon!

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