Instagram Roundup

The week in instagrams....

  • I've been working on some blog ideas, looking forward to some DIY projects here in the near future! Also, a project I finished a while back, friendship bracelet headphones. No more tangles!
  • We've been starting to get to know Mr. King. He's a sweetheart with lots of energy!
  • Alex and I had an incredibly fun weekend. He never has much (if any) time off work on the weekend, so this weekend was super special. He had taken off Saturday and Sunday so that we could go on a little out-of-town vacation, but that fell through, so we just stayed here in Lou and had a blast with friends, rode the bike and went to the park several times.
  • Friday night we went to groucho's for some karaoke with friends we never get to see. Saturday night was off to Vernon Lanes for bowling with some more couple friends. I was the winner, being the only one breaking 100... I still have no idea how that happened.
  • Alex and I rode the bike up to cefiore for some frozen yogurt, that was beyond delicious. Chocolate chips, kiwi and strawberry? Yes please!
  • I've been starting to make breakfast instead of skipping it. I've finally (sort of) figured out how to make eggs over medium, and I've been making smoothies every morning. I have to admit, I love having this new healthy routine in the morning to get my day going.
  • Tonight Alex and I went to Dairy Kastle for the very first time... I know I know, how did we ever consider ourselves real Louisvillians before? We had to try their vegan chili dogs, and I gotta say, it was well worth the long bike ride for sure.

I hope your week was lovely. Looking forward to another week of spring in Louisville.

Much Love,

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