Instagram Roundup

The past week in Instagrams...

  • Our buddy King got adopted! He went with his new owner yesterday, and she seemed thrilled about finally taking him home after a week of preparation. Always lovely to find a good home for a dog after fostering... and it only took 2 weeks!
  • Finally got to catch up on some reading... I haven't had time to look at a magazine in months, so it was nice to see what's going on in the world of fashion.
  • Study Study Study... My final two exams are in the next two weeks, so I'm preparing for those... *sad trombone*
  • Had a wonderful brunch at North End Cafe with Alex. Orange spice french toast, yum!
  • Loving my new sunglasses from Target.
  • A strange little corner of our home, that happens to be a favorite of mine. I just love exposed brick, what can I say?
  • Delish vegan pizza at Uncle Maddio's. Whole wheat crust, Daiya fake cheese, tofu, onions and green pepper. So good!
  • Strange little fruits that I found pretty during our grocery run. I like going to the fancy Kroger on occasion... we live by what is known as the "dirty Kroger"
I hope you had a wonderful week!

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