Meet King

This is King. If you know me, you know that my boyfriend Alex and I foster dogs on a regular basis, and King is our most recent foster child. After loosing Alex's 17 year old beagle-basset Chewie, we haven't really been ready for a permanent commitment to a dog but missed the pitter patter of puppy feet, so we decided to start fostering. We usually foster through the wonderful no-kill organization Shamrock Foundation here in Louisville.

King was found through a friend in Owensboro, KY where he was at a vet's office scheduled to be euthanized. Luckily she got the word out and we took him in time to avoid that! He's a 2 year old purebred Brittany Setter, who was trained as a hunting dog. The hunter that owned him, gave him up because King's breathing was too loud, and he was scaring away the prey on the hunt. That's no excuse to get rid of a pet, if you ask me... or any decent person. The vet then used him as a blood donor, and had plans of putting him down. It's so hard for us to imagine someone wanting to kill such a sweet little guy, with no problems. It breaks my heart.

Today, King found a new home! A wonderful young woman was looking for a dog to be able to take for runs and keep her company. King has the energy and snuggle abilities to be the perfect fit for her, and we could not be more pleased to have found an ideal owner for him. Usually we foster for many months, but King is just so adorable it only took a week to get him adopted! He will be going to his new home this weekend.

If you are looking for a pet, please remember that it is a life-long commitment. They are living beings that deserve a good life. If you aren't ready for a life-long pet, consider fostering. It's a wonderful way to have a pet for the times when you have the time and energy for them. We take breaks from fostering when our schedules become too busy, or if we are planning on taking trips and won't be home to take care of them. It's a really wonderful and rewarding experience, and come on, you get to play with an animal without the complete responsibility. It's almost like the joy of being an aunt without the responsibility of being a mom! Who doesn't love that?

Take care and give your pets extra snuggles today, and be thankful that you both have wonderful homes because of each other.

Much Love,

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