Handmade Bike/Skateboard Bag

A couple of years ago, Alex was up at the skatepark almost nightly, and always rode his bicycle there. After a while, he knew he needed a better solution for transporting his board while riding his bike. He asked for my help, and I whipped up a quick bag similar to a yoga mat bag. He loves it, and still uses it to this day. There have been a few guys up at the park that have requested that I make them one over the past couple years, and there was even talk of having a line of them at the local skate shop for a while. This is one I made last week for someone.

You should just see Alex's bag... after a couple years of "you know, I could really use a _____" we've added pockets and zippers and reflective tape in all different colors, completely not matching. Alex doesn't seem to mind much, but it makes me laugh every time he goes out with it.

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