Instagram Roundup

It was a special week, with the weekend spent in Tennessee at Alex's cousin's wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous, and it's always a pleasure to see Alex's extended family. They are a hoot!

❤ We had to take a trip to the storage shed. There's something about those twisted hallways, just a maze of hidden treasures all in one place. I always wonder what's behind all those doors....
❤ Al and I got stuck in a torrential downpour on the tandem. This was my first time biking in the rain... I think my face here (soaking wet) explains my feelings towards it :)

❤ The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The bride was breath-taking, and the ceremony was short, sweet and beautiful.
❤ Side note: I need to make that delicious strawberry lemonade.
❤ We got to visit Alex's aunt & uncle's lovely farm. It's our favorite getaway. A beautiful home atop a waterfall, designed after Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters. There was even a baby cow!

I hope your weekend was as fun and full of beauty too.
Much Love,

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