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❤ It's been a pretty slow week really, and sorry for all the quietness around here. Alex and I have been rearranging our house around and redecorating for the warmer weather. Our TV is now in our bedroom, ready for late night movies, and the living room is a bit more open for reading...
❤ ...Which is exactly what I've been doing. A lot. I just can't seem to put The Hunger Games trilogy down! I've seen the movie (twice), but it was still interesting see what things were different in the book, and of course, there was much more detail to be known. Now I'm on the 2nd and I'm thrilled.
❤ I've been working on a little project to be shared this week, and Alex and I are swearing to cook more, so we do... when we aren't busy... which is not a lot for him :-/
❤ Yesterday it was off to another gorgeous wedding for our friends Katelyn and Sean. It was Alex's (and a few of our friends') first Catholic wedding, which is funny when you look at their faces every time the minister tells them to sit down and stand up all through the service. I grew up Catholic, so I didn't even know there was a "short and sweet" kind of wedding until a few years ago! Anyway, it was really beautiful, and the bride was just glowing with joy. We danced into the wee hours of the night, and I'm a bit drained today because of it! Worth it though :)
❤ That bag and earrings were purchased from the vintage store 2023 on Frankfort Ave here in Louisville. I bought them for the wedding, but ended up just using the bag. Those earrings are about the size of a quarter, and very heavy!

I hope your week was lovely as well. I'm looking forward to a productive one of my own!
Much Love,

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