Week(s) in Instagrams

I haven't been taking as many Instagram photos lately, but here are the ones from the past few weeks. Remember, you can follow me on Instagram @nschoenbaechler.

 ❤ Alex Petting a little Goat at the Farmers Market

 ❤ Lots of fun with dogs. Alex really enjoys dogsitting for our friends.
 ❤ My sister sent me the photo of her (right) and I had to make a side-by-side comparison. We look so much alike apparently!!
 ❤ Al and I made super easy tempeh burgers. They were delicious!
 ❤ We try to go to the drive in as much as we can. Unfortunately Al works all. the. time.
 ❤ I've been slowly working my way through my fashion magazines with my new system.
 ❤ My friend Carolyn is off to NY for a summer internship at a glass museum, and as parting gifts, she gave us glasses she made herself!
 ❤ New shoes! They're nothing special really, I've just wanted some for a while now. Unfortunately I have a pretty gnarly wound on my ankle from falling off my bike, so it's pretty much flip flops for me for a while.
 ❤ New silverware! I've been on the search for... forever to find some midcentury modern silverware, and I finally found a hole set that is beautiful! Bonus: They were on clearance for $17 marked down from $75! Woo hoo!
 ❤ Probably my new favorite photo of Motown. I was just trying to get a photo of him "wearing" the hat, and he meowed right when I took it.

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