DIY Bunting Banner

I don't know about you, but I love bunting. It's such a simple way to add color and interest to a space. This is the perfect little afternoon project if you want to make something, but don't want to be hunched in front of a sewing machine all day. Here are the simple steps to make your own bunting banner...

Supplies: Different fabrics, paper, pen/pencil, scissors, rotary cutter and mat (if you have them), bias tape, Mod Podge, brush or sponge applicator, wax paper, pins, a sewing machine or fabric glue.

1. Start with a stencil. Simply fold a piece of paper in half and cut a triangle. I used scrapbook paper for extra stability. This will be the stencil for all of your flags.

2. After ironing your fabric, place the stencil on top. Here, you can either use a pen to trace (then cut out with scissors), or you can use a rotary cutter and mat, like I did. You can even use pinking shears if you don't want a straight edge.

3. This is how your flags should look. Set your flags aside while you cut the rest.

4. Next, place all your flags on the wax paper, and brush on a generous amount of Mod Podge to your flags. This will give them more body so they stay sturdy and don't flop around when you hang them, as well as preventing the fabric from fraying.

5. While your flags are drying, iron your bias tape. I used teeny tiny bias tape, but you can use whatever size you would like. When your flags are dry, tuck them into your bias tape and pin in place. I left 7" at the ends of my banner for hanging, and about 1.5" in between flags.

6. Now you're ready to finish your banner! You can either use a sewing machine to do this, or fabric glue. I used a machine because it is more sturdy. Make sure when you are sewing the flags into the bias tape, the flags are pushed all the way to the top of the bias tape, and you sew as close to the bottom of the bias tape as you can. This will ensure none of your flags will have spots that aren't connected.

Now you have a fun little banner to hang! The banner I made is not for outdoor use. You will need to use a weatherproof seal if you plan on hanging yours outside. Enjoy!

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