The Neighborhood Bar

It's nice having a neighborhood bar. When we first moved here about 5 years ago, there were none. There was really no place to hang out unless you wanted to spend a fortune at a restaurant. Now, we have a couple neighborhood bars that seem to be doing pretty well, which is great. Hilltop Tavern is our watering hole of choice. The best thing about Hilltop, is that you will most likely run into a friend while you're there. Sometimes we don't even plan on going, like this particular evening. We were riding the bike looking for a place to eat, and some friends were already enjoying the outside seating, so we joined them. Did I mention their food and drinks are delicious? Well, they are. I've been loving the summery vodka infusions (the one above was watermelon, kiwi and mandarin! Yum!), and the black bean burgers, mac + cheese fritters, and wings seem to be a favorite. If you live in Louisville, be sure to check it out some time.

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