Instagrams : June 29, 2012

For two weeks we had Samson (the lab), and Stella (the pug) staying with us. We fostered Samson for about 6 months before some family friends adopted him. It's really nice to be still be able to see him, and Stella is just the cutest thing you can imagine.
Alex's brother Len came into town for Derby City Comic Con. Alex and I stopped by and checked out the convention. My old friend Dave did a great ad for Heine Brothers Coffee which came in the DCC goody bags. I got some pretty neat posters there that need to be framed.
I got a very special piece of mail from one of my oldest and dearest friends. Getting really excited for her special day!!
On the 4th of July, Alex's dad was swinging through town, so we went to dinner and saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in 3D. Totally cheesy at times, but fun nonetheless.
I actually had a little bit of luck thrifting. (note to self: you do like the Peddler's Mall in Indiana)

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