Etsy Love : Fall Edition

Fall is in full swing, at least in my mind. The temperatures are still in the 80's but eh, the boots are out. With Fall comes some of my staple items that year after year just seal the deal for me. For one, a good mug. Like many households, we have a plethora of mismatched mugs. Monopoly, Beatles, handmade, Mickey Mouse, you name it. I would like one good, something handmade and adorable, like a bear riding a bicycle. Pumpkin candles are another thing that I have to have every Fall. The smell just makes me so happy and feel so cozy, and I burn through those babies quick. And of course a good scarf and some gloves. I have an almost embarrassing number of scarves. And fingerless gloves? I loose one out of the pair every year, without fail. If I could knit I would be paying the $3 for the pattern to knit those tree gloves. Those are way too cool.

What are the things that you get excited to bring out every Fall, and what are you planning on adding to your season this year?

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