Bike Fashion : Tips for Skirts

 Outfit details: boots / Macys; everything else / Target

 A lot of people think that skirts and dresses are just something you can't wear on a bike. The truth is, you totally can, you just have to be selective. Here are some tips on wearing skirts while riding:

  • Choose a skirt that is fitted, but has a good bit of stretch. This ensures that you wont run into a Marilyn-Monroe-over-a-street-grate type situation.
  • Length is very important. A few inches above the knee (like I'm wearing above) is as short as you should go. You should also try not to go too long, because skirts can get caught up in the bike's mechanics. Try to keep your hemline within a few inches below or above the knee.
  • Don't pull a Lohan. Always wear something under your skirt. It's a good idea to wear tights, leggings, or shorts under your skirt.
  • If you decide to wear shorts under your skirt, try tucking parts of the bottom front hem of your skirt into the bottom hem of your shorts. I know this sounds weird, but I do it all the time. It even allows me to wear more A-line type skirts. During the summer I wear super-short running shorts, or this longer lacy option, which works well for tucking (bonus: if they show, who cares, they're adorable).

So don't be shy, throw on a dress and ride!

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