Tweed Rides

Tweed Rides are a wonderful thing. It is when a group of cyclists get together and ride while wearing the traditional British cycling attire (I usually call it "The London Gentleman" look). This might just be the best way to spend an evening with friends. Riding together to the pub and grabbing a pint on a beautiful Fall evening. Louisville has had one before, and if there is another, I encourage you to join in, or create your own!

Looking for a group ride in Louisville soon? Join us on Saturday, October 20th at 6pm at the Marketplace Restaurant on 4th Street downtown. We will be meeting there, and riding down to Waterfront Fashion Week. Even if you can't cough up the $75 for the show (I know I won't be able to), it's still a great way to grab drinks and take a ride with other cyclists in Louisville. Everyone is invited, and encouraged to dress for the occasion (tweedy or otherwise)! Group rides are one of our favorite things to do, and I think you will enjoy it as well. For more details on the Oct 20th ride, visit the Facebook page here. Let's show Louisville just how fashionable cycling can be!

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