Etsy Love : Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here. We are horror movie fanatics, and just enjoy all things spooky. Also, it's a great start to my favorite season. It brings in all of the wonderful warm hues of Fall. Now that it is officially October, I am in the Halloween decorating mood. Now that Alex and I live in a carriage house, we don't have an outdoor space to decorate. This is a little sad for us, since we used to live on the "Halloween Street" in Louisville. Hillcrest Avenue is a street that has the best decorations in the whole city, and people come from all over to see them, and on Halloween night, there are thousands (yes, thousands) of trick-or-treaters. The police block of the street and it's a huge block party that the whole city is invited to. Sigh. I miss that house, and decorating for Halloween. Ever since then, we haven't been in a house that had trick-or-treaters and decorating was either not possible or not really worth it. This year I might be breaking out the decorations and going crazy on the interior of our home. We shall see ;)

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