In The Life Of A Theater Intern....

Life has been a bit nutty lately. The semester is wrapping up, and I'm being given more and more projects with my internship at The Alley Theater. I started with just administrative work, then added some nights of box office, now I'm doing those and the lights/sound/graphics for the Commando Cody/Flash Gordon show. The Alley does what they call "Geekend" shows, like Star Wars and Flash Gordon, at 10pm after the mainstage shows. So I'm learning all that fun stuff, and praying I don't totally mess it up durring a show!

Interning for The Alley has been amazing. I've been there for about a month and a half now, and I'm absolutely loving it. It is someplace I always thought it would be fun to volunteer, so when my theater teacher set up and interview for me and they offered me an internship I was super stoked! I've been learning a lot and meeting some great new people.

Well, I'm back off to the theater to practice lighting and sound. Until next time, Natalie.

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