Loving Lately : Jane Fonda

 Isn't she just the cutest? A friend posted a trailer for Barbarella on Facebook, and since then, I've been googling and watching trailers for old Jane Fonda movies. I just can't get over her perfect 60's/70's look (the hair!!). I'm also really looking forward to getting around to watching Barbarella. Yes, I'm a nerdy lady who enjoys campy sexy space travel movies...

I hope to be back in this space soon. I know it's been quite a while since I've popped in to say hello. I've been a very busy bee with school and my internship (I should post about that sometime...). Only 2 more weeks of Fall semester! Woo Hoo! Jeez the time has been flying lately. I'm still waiting for September to start, but apparently it's Christmas time. Who knew? xoxo Natalie

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